Sunday, March 18, 2018

How Area Rugs and Other Details Can Brighten Home

Long gone are the days when the house was decorated with boring neutral furnishings and formal and serious patterns. Today's interior design focuses on describing the personality of the homeowner through the appearance of unexpected colors, interesting patterns, and startling details that appeal to the eye strategically. Here are some techniques to brighten up a room that will help maximize space.

1. Utilizing Carpet Area

The rug is a very versatile addition to the house. In addition to being used to brighten up space, they can also be used to define larger indoor living areas, cover up unattractive floors, and bring or reinforce color choices. For a trendy look, homeowners can look for brightly colored pop carpets that are repeated in other details throughout the house, such as paintings, coatings, or favorite throws. However, fancy carpets with light neutral tones can also help brighten up the smaller space that may be covered by more intense colors.

2. Bring Glass

Mirrors are the best way to reflect light and make the room feel bigger and brighter, but the use of too many mirrors can create a dated look. Instead, designers recommend strategically mixing the mirrored wall hangings with clear glass to create reflections and open the area. Glass features such as shelves, room dividers and cabinet doors can help the room feel spacious, fresh and modern. And of course, large windows and sliding glass doors will bring light and make the area feel bigger and more open.

3. Add Fresh Flowers

It may seem like a cliche, but fresh flowers really brighten the house. Homeowners should look for floral arrangements that complement other decorations at home. For example, lilies look beautifully incorporated in modern designs, while cheerful and forget-me-not asteras are a sweet touch in more traditional spaces. If fresh flowers do not season, many flower shops offer the same greenish arrangement of interest with any flower bouquet.

4. Paint an Accent Wall

Painting all the walls of the room with bright colors can flood the space and make it appear smaller in size. Instead, the homeowner should choose a focal point around the fireplace or behind the bed and paint it with bright colors for a shocking color explosion. Color must coordinate with other walls; some designers recommend a darker or lighter version of the same color, while others prefer dramatic contrasts. This choice should be based on personal preferences, the shape and layout of the room, and what colors best suit the furniture and decorations.

With these simple decorating tips, every homeowner should be able to incorporate a new touch to brighten their home without having to take on expensive renovation projects. This can be a fun, affordable project that will have a huge impact on any room.

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