Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Three Ways To Dramatically Reduce Cost While Moving Home

Recently, I helped my friend decorate her new apartment. There are some long but very pleasant nights, at least! However, the whole process of moving can be expensive, which means that personalizing space to put your own touch on it can be a challenge.

So, to keep costs low, we decided to recycle the furniture and go to the charity shop to find some items to decorate the place.

Here are some basic but cheerful ways you can breathe life into your bedroom stuff to look like new!

Re-purpose What You Have

Cat costs a fraction of what new furniture does, and a touch of paint can be your furniture requirement! Can be a block of color, multi-color or depressed chic style. Take a look at this amazing sadness with a lime paint tutorial if you need some inspiration!

What's great about recycling furniture, is that you can design it according to your taste. One problem you may face, is that different materials require different approaches. For example, some Ikea furniture, has an extra glossy material, so when trying to paint this type of furniture, you need to sand the area first. This will make the process last longer, but the final product will definitely be in vain.

The bed, being a big furniture, can sometimes stick like a thumb in the room. Change a bit, for example, if the bed frame is wood, just paint, or if it's a metal frame, spray painting it might be your best bet. An alternative to painting your bed frame is to decorate it with fairy lights or beautiful paper flowers by wrapping it around the frame and tucking them in the back of the mattress.

Combine Your Grip

Changing the handle is the best way to add a little finishing touch. Usually, if you do not buy all your furniture in a set or from the same place, smaller accents like the hilt and legs will vary.

There are many online, all at different price points but slightly cheaper than buying a new set of furniture. So whatever your budget, you'll be able to tidy up your bedside cabinet, drawers and wardrobe!

Do not be afraid to mix and match the handle of your furniture. A variety of different styles will give you a unique vintage feel for your room and be a fun way to bring a mixture of metals, colors and materials.

Decorate with accents

Now it's time to create and add personal talents with accessories. I love to explore charity shops on the look out for cute and affordable treasures. You can find so many unique miracles, such as lampshades or photo frames to decorate your room that you can not find anywhere else.

You can also be creative and improve them without feeling guilty for spending a lot of money on those things! Discover beautiful little trinkets and accents to personalize your space. There have been some amazing discoveries in previous years, so always be aware of the hidden gems at your local charity shop. Amazon and eBay also have a large number of affordable goods to beautify your space on a budget.

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